Car Elevator

Transportation is a part of our life. It has a major impact on the economic development of cities and countries. Moreover the quality and the quantity of transport infrastructure influences the attractiveness of provinces.

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Today, a large number of cars are used in the world for people transportation. Also parking is a key problem for people used car. As a result of this, vehicle owners have parking problems in crowded cities like as Paris, New York, London, Istanbul (asansör) and Tokyo, problem with parking is an everyday occurrence. For solving this problem car elevators and high travel scissor lifts can be used. With the development of lift technology, lifts are not only for passengers and goods, they can provide travel between floors for cars and add convenience to our daily life. Many companies design car elevators for many different applications, both commercial and residential. Car lifts are designed for moving automobiles in condominiums, garages, car showrooms, airports and commercial places.

Car lifts provide compact solutions, easy-to-use basement or rooftop parking solutions for places.

Car elevator allows significant space savings and design flexibility for architects and building designers. All kinds of car elevators are designed by engineers to make life easier, and also they offer a comfort, a reliable quality and an energy-efficiency. Furthermore, An Auto Parking System can be used for solution to the parking problems. In this system, car elevators are used. As a result, this system allows parking more automobiles in limited medium- and large- sized parking areas. Also, an auto parking system works best for high rise buildings such as hotels, office buildings, malls and residences with the help of the car elevators. High speed car parking system can be designed with the automation system, a car with/without driver can be parked with this system in an average time of 38 seconds.


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