AKUS-SD COMBI Elevator Auxiliary Units

AKUS-SD COMBI Emergency Rescue System


AKUS-SD COMBI Elevator Auxiliary Units

AKUS-SD COMBI FEATURES AKUS-SD COMBI which is composed of only one board is the new designed of AKUS-SD Emergency Rescue Unit. It provides all features of AKUS-SD. In case of mains failure, it moves the lift which stopped between two floors to floor level, opens the automatic door and passengers are evacuated in safety. For lifts with automatic door, if mains failure occurs at floor level, the door is opened and passengers are evacuated. Can be applied to all one speed, two speed or speed-controlled systems. Suitable for asynchronous drives. Works open loop. No need to put a sensor on the motor. Includes an internal transformer. Gets the power from 5 pcs batteries which need no maintenance. Thanks to smart battery charge system which does not tire the batteries and makes them work for many years. Because it is integrated into control panel, all the connections necessary for an emergency unit is done in fabric. So the setup time is minimized. No safety circuit connection is needed. Safety circuit connection is only made to lift controller. Can be disabled with a few cable connection in case of failure. With LCD program parameters like max travel time, automatic door type, motor drive frequency, door opening time, starting delay, language e.tc. can be adjusted easily. Lift monitoring and error reporting with user-friendly menu interface. Turkish, English language menu options. Designed according to EN81-1.


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