Serial Car Communication Board ApRe Clamping Device Activation Unit (EN 81-1/2 + A3)


FUNCTIONS ApRe, which is certified according to EN 81-1/2+A3 standard together with Adrive invertor, is a protection system for A3 compatible overspeed governors against unexpected car movement. In the event of safety circuit failure or power failure when elevator is on the move, it blocks the activation of parachute brakes and overspeed governor to be locked up. Can be used with overspeed governors with 12Vdc or 24Vdc (up to 6A) operating voltages Works even in the event of mains failure with the help of additional battery which is to be charged by ApRe. Evacuation button connection to set overspeed governor free in case of an emergency Test button connection to test overspeed governor remotely SPECIFICATIONS Electrical Features Overspeed governor locking coil voltage : 12 Vdc veya 24 Vdc. Just use suitable supply and battery with the coil voltage. Maximum coil current : 6A Normal supply(12Vdc bobin için) : 11-14 Vdc Normal supply(24Vdc bobin için) : 20-27 Vdc Battery supply(12Vdc bobin için) : 12 Vdc/1.2 Ah Battery supply(24Vdc bobin için) : 24 Vdc/1.2 Ah Internal battery charge : wirh direct current source Safety circuit input : 190-230 Vac Average power consumption : when coil is not energized and battery is fully charged: < 1W when coil is not energized and battery is empty: <10W


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