ARCUBE Monoblock Lift Control Unit

Number of Stops: 16
Drive Type: Traction
Cabling: Serial or parallel connection options with LOP’s and COP’s Arcode compatible serial communication units
Car Positioning: Magnetic switches or motor encoder
Door Bridging: Available
Models: 4 kW (10A) – 5.5 kW (14A) – 7.5 kW (17A) – 11 kW (26A)
Control Type: Single Button Collective, Double Button Collective
Group Control: Duplex
Elevator Speed: 1.75 m/s
Motor Drive Type: Contactorless drive with STO function
Compliance to Standards: EN 81-20
Rollback Prevention: Rollback prevention at start through pre-torque and anti-rollback functions


  • Combines VVVF drive unit, control board, rescue function and other electrical components in a single monoblock unit
  • Contactorless design with STO function
  • Small, lightweight and ready to install
  • Compatible with EN81-20 standards
  • Decreased costs due to less traveling cable requirements
  • Direct landing
  • Ability to work with synchronous and asynchronous machines
  • Ability to work open and close loop
  • Reliable and industrialized
  • Energy saving


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