ARL 300 Elevator Controller Panels

ARL 300 Panel Elevator Control Panel GENERAL FEATURES Number of stops: 24 stops Drive type: Rope, Two Speed, Hydraulic, VVVF regulated (with ADrive VVVF inverter) + Geared Machine, + Gearless Machine (with or without machine room) Lift Speed : Up to 1.6 m/s Command Type: Simple Push Button, Parallel command (inside/outside mixed), Single button up & down collective, Single button up collective, Single button down collective, Full Collective Group operation: Up to 4 elevators Car Installation: Serial car installation up to 16 stops with RK22 inspection box support Landing Installation: Parallel landing installation


ARL 300 Elevator Controller Panels

ARL 300 Panel SYSTEM FEATURES Car positioning; By mono-stable magnetic switches and bar magnets for VVVF and hydraulic systems, By bi-stable magnetic switches and round magnets for two speed systems Automatic Door Type; Any type of automatic door Car entrance; Automatic door control by built-in inputs and outputs on the mainboard, Double automatic door control by addition of 2 Auto_Kg board Emergency Rescue System; By AKUS-SD integration into the control panel (for rope elevators), By adding ARL-SARJ board and 2 pieces of a 12V battery (for hydraulic elevators) Door bridging; Door pre-opening and re-leveling with an open door Motor phase protection; By built-in inputs and outputs on main board Indicator code outputs; By built-in binary (also inverted binary) & gray code (also inverted gray code) and 7-segment indicator outputs (can be programmed in a menu) Safety circuit connections; Special connection for safety circuit with KBK-5 board support Compatibility; Full conformance to EN 81-1/2 +A3 standard as a complete panel


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