LCD 240X128A Display

240 x 128 Pixel Resolution Graphic LCD Display for Elevators LCD type : Monochrome graphic Visible area : 114 mm x 64 mm Resolution : 240 x 128 pixels


LCD 240X128A Display

FEATURES Supports for upto 32 floors (48 floors with CANbus mode for ARL-500 control system) 240 x 128 pixel resolution (114 mm x 64 mm active area) General purpose displaying panel for car and landings Support for CANbus, Gray code, Binary code, Arkel counter mode and 7-segment display mode Device programming with a menu & buttons on LCD240128A or with a PC by using LCD240128A Uploader software Picture programming individually for each floor Programmable static/animated arrow Programmable static/animated subtitle Programmable out of service and overload picture Programmable logo Selectable letters or numbers (-, 0…9, A…Z) for floor text Saving or loading your personal settings with LCD240128A Uploader User pictures and logos can easily be added to system by pc software Positive or negative common selectable input signals Presentation of time and date (available only with CANbus mode) Energy saving function (available only with CANbus mode)


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