LiftMedia Display

TFT LCD Display, Music and Announcement System for Elevators LCD Type : 5.7 inç color TFT screen Visible area: : 115.2 x 86.4 mm Resolution: : 320 x 240 pixels


LiftMedia Display

FEATURES 5.7″, 320×240 pixel, color TFT LCD display. Video playing capability on a section (about 1/4) of the screen. High quality music playback. Voice announcement of floor messages and elevator events (overloaded, out of service, fire alert etc.). Displays elevator floor names, floor pictures, direction arrows, logo, background images and other elevator controller signals (overloaded, out of service, fire alert etc.). Drop shadow and 3D effect can be added to all elements of the display. Background images can be changed with user defined time period. Date, time and temperature displays. User-friendly visual design software is freely available. Supports common media file types: mp3, mpeg, avi, wmv, flv, mp4, m4u and wav. Supports common image file types: bmp, jpeg, gif and png. All screen, sound, music & video elements are user customizable. Can be assembled either to the car or to a landing. CANBUS serial interface with ARL-500. Horizontal or vertical orientation possible. The volume of music and announcements can be adjusted separately. Backlight can be turned-off after car-light with an adjustable delay (sleep mode feature). Sound can be muted inside user defined hours. No connection cables are needed for programming. Just copy the design from your PC to the SD-Card and insert the card into LiftMedia. Uses fonts installed on the operating system so that every alphabet is available (Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic etc.). Hours of video and music playback with the included SD-Card. Capacity expansion possible with SDHC card support. Firmware can be upgraded easily via SD-Card when new versions and new features will be available.


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