Load Weighing Devices

UNIVERSAL ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT The LM3D universal control unit is the most complete control unit which has all the possible options available to control the load in elevators and lifts.


Load Weighing Devices

FEATURES: MODELS AVAILABLE: DIN Rail. IP-65 rated plastic box. STANDARD FEATURES: 3 Relays. Integrated software to correct weight increases due to compensating chain. Cabin indicator output. OPTIONS: Analogue output in mA (0-20, 0-24, 4-20). Voltage output (+/- 10Vdc). Voltage output (+/- 5Vdc). Voltage output (0-10Vdc). Voltage output (0-5Vdc). Voltage output (-10 / 0 / 10Vdc). Communications RS485. Pre-opening doors software. Rollback control software.


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